Engineer / Traveler / Sportsman


Thanks to the Kuhn group, I was able to improve my technical English as well as practice my engineering profession during six years in an international environment. In 2017, I also worked as development manager, at Nexter Systems. My full resume is available here.

Kuhn Group design, manufacture and market a large range of agricultural machineryNexter Systems is committed to meeting the needs of both French and foreign armies, by designing, developing and producing complete defense and security solutions.Technip is a global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems and services.

Working in design offices abroad was an efficient way to learn different ways of managing and communicating. I was able to see different difficulties:

  • discussions can be difficult for companies that don’t speak the same first language.
  • misunderstandings are numerous while reviewing a project or during video conferences,
  • the time lost while dealing with translation carries a high cost to the company.

Then I understood that it is necessary for the companies to be accompanied by professional translators in their projects.


A bicycle tour to South America was an opportunity to discover new cultures, meet exciting people, and test my abilities. I have developed key values from this experience.

  • Cycling in Bolivia was also a challenge, the freezing temperatures, the altitude (the highest pass was at 4900 meters), the terrain and lack of water were parameters not to be overlooked.
    • Tenacity,
    • Transcendence.
  • The cultural shock when arriving in Bolivia for example was huge.
    • Adaptability,
    • Humility.
  • These weeks of adventures are life lesson’s that I use today in my daily life as an independent.
    • Self-awareness,
    • Keeping the course,
    • Decision force.


I am passionate about outdoor sports such as paragliding, mountaineering, hiking, biking, and climbing. I use everyday in my work the values of rigor and tenacity necessary in these extreme sports. The multi-month bike trip to South America allowed me to test my physical and mental limits. This epic journey with my best friend was also an opportunity to discover new cultures and approach a new language, Spanish.

Travel by bicycle
Fitz Roy – Argentina
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Albaron, France
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